"Lo cierto es que yo ignoraba que tenía en mí esas reservas de ternura."
“La tregua”, Mario Benedetti (via maquinaespia)

(Fuente: highway-ballena-borracha, vía maquinaespia)

In an interview done decades after their 1967 divorce, in the midst of talking about their collaborations in the 1960’s that helped define the New Wave movement, the interviewer suddenly asked them, “can one be happy again after having such an intense relationship?”In a rough translation, Anna Karina responds “Yes, one can be happy, but in a different way.”Godard essentially responds “No, I believe one can be much happier.” Anna Karina begins to tear up and excuses herself from the interview.

Drawing of the Day 332
D.B. Horowitz

Gordon Chalmers